Content strategy

Client: CALICA Music

Project type: Ongoing

Goal: Larger online presence

Calica is an indie pop artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. After the launch of her new album, she was seeking more online exposure. Together, we came up with a content strategy that would showcase her talent as a songwriter and producer.


Through my research, I found that there was a growing trend musicians on YouTube finding success through reproducing a song to sound like another artist sung it, or like it was a different genre. 

After pitching it to her, she executed the idea, starting with making The Box by Roddy Rich into an Indie song. Her page grew from there, and we brainstormed a variety of other song flips together, most notably her Watermelon Sugar by Lana Del Rey cover with 2.7million views (shown here). 

Today, @itscalica has garnered over 200k followers on Tik Tok, 17k followers on Instagram, a couple of solid brand deals, and is still growing from there. We still meet regularly to brainstorm video content for Tik Tok.