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The Healthy Living Program is a holistic and complementary health program at Florida International University that encourages students to Relax, Feel Good, and Be Well. Here, I targeted a wide ranging audience of college students with my social media strategy, content development and creation, and event promotion marketing. 

In order to reach such a large audience with topic that they are reluctant to hear about, I use a combination of humor and trendy health topics to draw the attention of our mainly 18 to 25 year old audience. Whether I'm developing a program, making an event flyer, designing merchandise, filming a video, or posting on social media, I keep the above mentioned strategy in mind. 

Within a year of working here, my team and I have doubled the attendance of all of our events, and tripled the followers on all of our social media accounts, organically. 

Client: Florida International University/The Healthy Living Program

Date: July 2017 to Present

Role(s): Social Media Manager, Content Developer and Creator, Event Marketing Manager

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Zen Fest Promo Banner
Chakra Cards
Cold & Flu Campaign 2018
Cold & Flu Campaign 2018
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