Content Strategy

Client: CALICA Music 

Campaign: Single Release

Goal: Make "Little Girl" go viral on Tik Tok 


Calica came to me to strategize the launch of her new single, Little Girl. She wrote the emotional and nostalgic song for her dad before she moved to Los Angeles. 

In my research, I discovered the trend of "reaction" videos across YouTube and Tik Tok, so I pitched her asking her dad to react to the song on video. 

We then storyboarded the entire Tik Tok together, piecing together old and new video, captions, and pacing of the story. 


Results: The Tik Tok garnered over 3 Million views and was shared across third party account such as E!News and John Krasinki's Some Good News. The single currently has over 500,000 streams on Spotify and is her highest ranking single so far.