Smokin' Spades

Smokin' Spades is a local, brick and mortar, smoke shop that wanted to move their business online. As the Account Coordinator on the account, I took the creative direction for the brand. During my research, I noticed that the online e-cigarette industry produced many of the same visuals: urbanized, young, and colorful. In order to dive into a saturated industry, I knew the brand had to stand out. Smokin' Spades would be advertised as a luxury online smoke shop for customers who wanted a higher-class e-cigarette experience. 


 This project included a complete brand overhaul for Smokin' Spades online debut. Here, I crafted the Instagram profile from scratch, directed the website visuals, wrote the copy for the website and social media account, and their new tagline: #SmokeWithSpades, Play your cards right. 

The story here revolved around a male high-roller's lifestyle who experiences the thrills in Miami: gambling, smoking, and nighlife. The e-cigarette industry being primarily male, would benefit from this image, almost flattering the consumer for buying from Smokin' Spades, knowing that he "Played his cards right."  

  • Role: Account Coordinator 

  • For: TFC Marketing, Client: Smokin' Spades

  • Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Content Creation

  • Date: June 2017

Credit: Photos taken by Carlos of YB Visuals